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Curly-quotes-L-transpI HAVE KNOWN MILLI for almost 10 years now. She has been a dear friend and mentor. Because of Milli I published my first book. I would never have done it without her. I’ve been involved in several of her writing programs. However, recently I have had first-hand experience with her as a life coach.

I’ve always known Milli was a great teacher/mentor. Her kind and loving ways never make me feel doubtful or ashamed or guilty. Her life coaching style is positive and upbeat. She has a knack or a gift of listening to all the bits and pieces of my ramblings that are scrambled in my brain like a jigsaw puzzle, and she puts the pieces together to make a whole picture. This picture is bold and bright and colorful.

She plucks out the most important bits of information—pieces that I don’t even realize I’ve said or had only alluded to. She has insight into my special needs and turns them into organized thoughts. She then creates interesting and fun exercises geared to my special dreams and goals.

For the first time I can see the whole picture and now I know the direction I need to go in order to attain my goals.

Milli’s perspective is fresh and geared just for my needs. I was pleasantly surprised after our first life coaching session. I went into it thinking I would be smacked in the face with my own demons and reality. I was prepared for this but she listened. She probed without me even realizing it and created questions. This caused me to question myself in a way I never had before. I guess you could call it a smack in the face but in a good way.

Surprisingly, I had an absolute blast. Her natural soft approach of smacking you in the face with your own realities is refreshing. They were aha moments she gave me. It was more like “this leads to that” and that leads to new ideas and new answers—answers I had never run through my mind before. Without Milli’s inspiration and insight I would not have had the thought process to attain my goals. Or to even know where to begin.

It’s like a cake. I have all the ingredients and Milli has the recipe to make it rise to a perfect confection.

Milli is delightful, fun, and yet a very serious coach. She gave me a pretty big assignment and I feel I must complete it or I will fail both of us.   Curly-quotes-R-transp

— Marilyn Agee, New Braunfels, Texas

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