Need help writing a book or getting your stories onto the page?

According to, successful people seek coaching, greatly improving the odds of reaching or exceeding their goals.

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Dear Writer or Closet Writer,

Do any of these scenarios strike a chord with you?

  • You’ve been trying to write a bookâ??but you keep stalling out.
  • Youâ??re still only dreaming that someday you may write a bookâ??because you donâ??t know how or where to start.
  • Or perhaps you have short stories tumbling around insideâ??but you quail every time you face the blank page.

If any of these are true for you, then youâ??ll want to meet Milli Thornton. Milli is a creative writing coach who understands how it feels to struggle with writing. She made it her mission to first overcome her own writing blocks, and then to help other writers do the same.

One writer described her as â??the writersâ?? angel.â? Milli is a fiction writing coach who cares. She will care about your writing as if it were her own.

Whether you want to write a novel or get some help to write short stories, Milli can help you understand how to easily write 500 words a dayâ??OR MORE, if you’re willing to work a bit harder to achieve more. But if word counts make your blood freeze, you can work with Milli to increase your productivity in a more organic fashion.

Write that book (or those short stories) burning inside of you!

Writers who join Milliâ??s coaching program get a lot more writing done. Period.

But itâ??s not just finding out how to write more words every day. Writers in Milli’s coaching program

  • enjoy increased feelings of creativity and passion for their writing;
  • have been known to discover writing capabilities they didnâ??t realize they had;
  • finish writing stories or novels theyâ??ve been stumbling around with for ages;
  • find out how to have more fun with their writing!

Just this morning, as this web page was being written, an email arrived from one of Milliâ??s coaching clients that said: â??This is tremendous fun!â?

And a text message came through from another writer that said: â??My output today is up to 1,350 words.â?

(This was from a writer who is living her dream to write a novel. She had learned how to write 500 words a day for her novel using Milliâ??s simple and easy accountability practices. She bumped up her own output because she was having fun.)

Cram-polaroid-125If I donâ??t become a writer here, I donâ??t stand a chance of becoming a writer anywhere else on the planet. Milli is madly passionate about making writers out of us. She continually finds new ways to keep us from falling off the wagon. â?? Cram Chavali, Tokyo Japan

IN FACT . . .

The only way you can fail in Milliâ??s coaching program is if you donâ??t show up to the page and do the writing. The writing assignments Milli designs for her clients are always individually tailored to whatever they’re working onâ??which means your assignments will always be relevant to your goals.

So, whereâ??s this juicy coaching program and how do you get started? Read on!

Because of happy repeat clients, Milli has a
limited number of spots available in her coaching program.

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