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My name is Erin Moore, I live in Tennessee, and I first met Milli when I came across her book via random Internet search. I was looking for something to help me understand if I had a “fear of writing.” It turned out that typing in these exact key words took me straight to Milli’s page, which was exactly where I needed to be.

As a student of sociology and psychology I’ve studied all kinds of fears, but we never learned that one could be faced with a fear of writing. The testimonials and the letter on Milli’s home page spoke volumes to me and I knew I was in exactly the right place. I was not sure I could call myself a ‘writer,’ but I was sure Milli’s book could help me find out.

I am a blind reader and so I contacted Milli to find out if the book was available via audio or Kindle. As soon as I responded to her first email I felt as though I knew her and our bond only strengthened from there. Our first phone conversation was enlightening for the both of us. Milli is perceptive, warm, and understanding. She goes beyond half-way to meet those who are interested in furthering themselves.

During our first conversation I explained about technology for the blind and we shared some ideas. This is how we tumbled on to the topic of Milli’s coaching program for writers. As soon as Milli explained the individual sessions and how the assignments worked, I knew her coaching program was for me.

I have only been a part of Milli’s coaching program for a few weeks and I’m already starting to see more positive changes, not only my in writing but in my life as well. I encourage anyone who is questioning themselves about their writing to take the questionnaire and open themselves up to new opportunities.    Curly-quotes-R-transp

— Erin Moore, Knoxville, Tennessee

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