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Milli has a passion for helping writers unleash their creativity and have more fun with their writing. Over the years, she has developed various programs to offer colorful and innovative support to writers. Some are free programs and some are services or online courses that require a financial commitment. Whatever your budget is, there’s bound to be a program you can try!

Click on the images below to visit the programs that attract you. Or, if you own a 3rd edition copy of Fear of Writing, turn to page 233 and read about these programs in the book.


At, you can find out more about Milli’s book, Fear of Writing, subscribe to the Fear of Writing Gazette, confess your fears to the Gremlin That Ate Your Fear of Writing, read the blog, snag some free writing prompts, and much more.


Based on Milli’s book, the online course takes you through eight weeks of fun and supportive writing assignments to lessen the intimidation factor of your fear of writing and help you learn to write on a regular basis. The course includes a full orientation (to help you make the most of your 8 weeks) and a grad course you can take, if you want to, after you graduate from FoW101.


Milli’s coaching service is for writers seeking support to start or proceed with their specific writing projects. As one client said, “I couldn’t wait to get started with the coaching program. I got my first assignment and wrote 10,000 words over five days. I was having so much fun, and was so delighted to see I could still be creative.”


At Unleash Your Writing! Milli offers more online courses for writers, plus a few courses anyone can take. Courses cover everything from creativity and fun to the “how-tos” of various types of writing. To mention a few of the courses available: Characterosis, Time Management for Writers, Zodiac Writer and more.


At Fun Writing Workshops, Milli presents her flagship workshop, the Fear of Writing Clinic, which (as you probably guessed) is based on her book, as well as other entertaining and creative workshops for writers and closet writers.


The goal at 10K Day for Writers is to try to write 10,000 words in a day. But in case you think that sounds more frightening than fun, we’d like to suggest that you investigate it first before you decide. Our regulars are a friendly bunch and there’s absolutely no pressure to write that many words. We honor anyone who shows up and writes! Also, it’s a fantastic way to drop any bad habits that inhibit your creativity (such as editing as you write) and just let yourself write in first draft mode.


Screenwriting is one of Milli’s passions, and Screenwriting in the Boonies is Milli’s personal screenwriting blog where she blogs for fun. If you’ve ever had an interest in writing a screenplay—even if you know nothing about how to write one—subscribe to Milli’s blog and be inspired by her fun approach. At the blog, you can also find out about her online course, Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days (a method that can work even for total beginners).


Milliver’s Travels is Milli’s travel blog. Milli has written many of the travel stories herself, but she also hosts guest bloggers who love to travel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging about something in your local area or an exotic, faraway place . . . the goal is to have fun creating a travel piece and to stimulate our readers to put more adventure in their lives!


After successfully having two travel stories published as a guest blogger at Milliver’s Travels, guest writers qualify to join the staff. Visit the site to find out more.

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